Adriana W.
5 in. x 7 in.
Ink on paper
prison Artist
2016 Exhibition
Prison Cell, LA, CA, USA

World-renowned prison artist Donald “C-Note” Hooker unveils Adriana W., a captivating portrait with a surprising backstory.

The Unexpected Inspiration: “Adriana W.” by Donald “C-Note” Hooker

While the title might suggest a focus on the subject, it’s actually the intriguing story behind the creation that takes center stage. 

C-Note found inspiration for Adriana W. in a magazine picture of a famous actress. However, the portrait’s name pays homage to a different muse – a news reporter who interviewed the artist. 

“The biggest challenge?” C-Note reflects, “Creating a likeness without using flesh tones. It wouldn’t be an issue if I was following normal prison art tradition by using a black ink pen, but here, I am using a very limited palette of color ink pens. This wasn’t by choice, but by force, so everything had to be improvised.”

Despite the limitations, C-Note is proud of the final piece. “I love this work,” he enthuses.  “With ink pens, you don’t get a chance to erase, if you make a mistake. Considering it was done in one sitting, with the colors and composition decided on the fly, I think it turned out really well.”

Witness the triumph of limited resources

C-Note’s captivating Adriana W. proves that true talent shines through restrictions. Celebrate artistic brilliance – get your print today by clicking on the image below 👇

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