Between Here and There
9 in. x 12 in.
Wax on paper
Prison Artist
Prison eV
2018 Exhibition
Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum, Vaduz, GER

An international art competition drawing entries from around the globe features C-Note’s poignant artwork Between Here and There of lost innocence and confinement, highlighting the stark contrast between a woman’s imprisoned present and her childhood freedom. 

The 4th international art competition by Art and Prison eV provided a global stage for imprisoned artists, receiving a powerful 371 entries from 23 countries. This diverse collection highlights how creativity persists even under the harshest circumstances.

The competition’s theme, “Between Here and There,” resonated deeply with American prison artist C-Note. His submission, also titled Between Here and There (2017), offers a heartbreaking reflection on the path between innocence and incarceration. The two-paneled artwork juxtaposes a woman’s face behind prison bars with the lower half of a young girl jumping rope. This isn’t simply a contrast, but a devastating representation of the same person at different points in life.

C-Note’s piece speaks to the tragedy of lost potential. No child aspires to end up in prison; the work visualizes a fractured journey, a stark contrast between the freedom of childhood and the confines of the present.  

This poignant theme aligns with the mission of the broader Between Here and There exhibition, first shown in Liechtenstein in 2018. By featuring work like C-Note’s, the exhibit challenges viewers to contemplate the complex circumstances and human stories behind incarceration. 

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