Black August – Los Angeles (Paintoem)

Black August -Los Angeles (Paintoem)
Prison Artist

Inspired by 2016’s Black August celebrations in Los Angeles, Black August-Los Angeles marks C-Note’s powerful entry into political art. 


Shot down in cold blood

it was the blood of a Jackson

and I don’t mean Michael

that calls us to action

Our epiloguest

Right after Juneteenth

Black August


Poem by: C-Note

Painting by: C-Note

This poignant work, first as an original work of art, then later as a poem, weaves together potent symbolism.


Beyoncé’s “Formation: A nod to contemporary Black consciousness.

George Jackson and Hugo “Yogi” Pinell: Prison reform icons whose deaths fueled activism.  

Michael Brown and Ezell Ford: Victims of police brutality, their names ignite the ongoing fight against injustice.

CCWP and Los Angeles Women’s Center: Shining a light on incarcerated women and the systems that fail them.

The Raised Fist: A timeless symbol of resistance and struggle.

Mundo Sin Jaulas: Embracing the Brown People’s Movement and the vision of a world without oppression.


Shot down in cold blood

it was the blood of a Jackson

and I don’t mean Michael: A reference to the shooting death of George Jackson at San Quentin State Prison in 1971.

That calls us to action, our epiloguest: Jackson’s death over bears the other deaths that has led to the month long in memoriam, now known as Black August.

Right after Juneteenth, Black August: Like Black August, but more than a 100 years prior, June 19th, 1865, Juneteenth represents an organic Black American holiday that became a national American holiday in 2021. Black August as an organic month of August, Black American holiday proceeds after the month of June holiday of Juneteenth.

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