God Is A Woman
9 in. x 12 in.
Wax on paper
Prison Artist
book Cover
God Is A Woman

C-Note’s artwork and short story God Is A Woman, 2018, was inspired by Ariana Grande’s song of the same title, features themes of divine femininity, while exploring the effects of incarceration on memory.

God Is A Woman was partially inspired by a draft color drawing by Revolutionary Prison Artist Joedee. The draft depicted the romantic embrace of a man and woman with prison bars in the background. But C-Note wanted to create an outer worldly vibe, thus a cosmic romantic embrace.

While this was going on, Ariana Grande released her song God Is A Woman. The idea that God is a female, may seem like blasphemy to some. Similarly saying Angels found a better Heaven when having sexual intercourse with women, rather than the Heaven where God abodes, may equally seem like blasphemy.

In writing a non-poetry, poetic prose, C-Note said just that. Out of great fear, this written vignette remained hidden from the public, until the unexpected release of Ariana Grande’s  song God Is A Woman. That same year, C-Note was invited to contribute various kinds of literary works for the 57th Issue of the Columbia Journal, as a part of its Incarcerated Writers Initiative (IWI).

C-Note used this as an opportunity to write a short story, however, entrants were limited to 5,000 words. Feeling confident that Ariana Grande could put out such a song, he used the short story opportunity as a ruse to release his forbidden prose.

The following is the description of C-Note’s short story, God Is A Woman, “God Is A Woman is a short work of fiction. This psycho-drama, love story, begs to answer the question, ‘What happens to the memories of prisoners who have been locked away for decades?’ It takes its name from an Ariana Grande song of the same title, and is based on one of the authorโ€™s earlier works that predates the lyrics to God Is A Woman, but is of a similar theme. Never published, because the author feared his writing would be perceived as blasphemy.”

Later, C-Note was interested in pitching an article, “‘God Is A Woman’, Is Life Imitating Art?” The basis for the article was the tweet by comedian Pete Davidson in whom the New York Police Department took as a suicide note. At the time of the tweet, Davidson’s fiance, Ariana Grande had just called off their engagement. Insiders believed Davidson was distraught. 

C-Note’s short story God Is A Woman begins with a very bloody suicide attempt by a prisoner. The prisoner was practically driven insane by the film The Red Violin, and further exacerbated by the Ariana Grande song God Is A Woman. Together, they conjured up romantic feelings for a woman that had been long held dormant for decades, since his incarceration. 

The artwork C-Note would eventually name God Is A Woman became the cover art for the short story God Is A Woman.

In January of 2024, after giving a YouTube interview on Club Shay Shay, that would be become the most viewed interview in YouTube history, Kat Williams in a YouTube interview with Cari Champion, confirmed the Biblical reference C-Note made, that the Angels who took on the physical bodies of men, only desired one thing on Earth, to feel the love, inside a woman’s womb.

If the aliens came to this planet and they say who created everybody on this planet, until they meet God they will say the woman, correct? Which is why in everybody’s religious books the woman is the end all and be all of all things. Even if it’s Adam and Eve or if it’s God and the Devil got in a fight and Satan got thrown down here. Okay, so Satan and the demons came down to the Earth and they could have had anything on the Earth but all they wanted was pussy and nobody’s book says they wanted anything other than that. There were never any stories of diamonds or gold or oil or anything being valuable to anybody Supernatural except women.

—Katt Williams

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