Life Without The Possibility of Parole
9 in. x 14 in.
Collage and graphite on paper
Prison Artist
California Coalition for Women Prisoners
Life Without The Possibility of Parole
Cover art
Life Without The Possibility of Parole (prison play)

Within the confines of the Central California Women’s Facility, Donald “C-Note” Hooker unveils a narrative of despair and resilience through his evocative artwork Life Without the Possibility of Parole exposing the profound impact of a system that denies hope.

In the heart of the Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF), amidst the cold, unyielding bars, a story unfolds—a narrative woven from despair, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of women condemned to live without the hope of parole. This tale is not just one of sorrow, but of revelation, brought to life through the poignant artwork and accompanying pieces by Donald “C-Note” Hooker.

Chapter 1: The Canvas of Despair

The journey begins with a single piece of art, a drawing that encapsulates the essence of life without the possibility of parole. Through the medium of collage and graphite on paper, C-Note crafts a visual poem that speaks louder than words. This artwork, inspired by the real-life stories of over 175 women at CCWF, serves as a stark reminder of the forgotten souls deemed unworthy of rehabilitation by the state.

Chapter 2: Verses of the Condemned

Accompanying the visual masterpiece is a poignant poem, a narrative that delves deep into the heartache of one such inmate, known only as K. At the tender age of 23, K’s fate was sealed, her future reduced to an endless expanse of time within the prison walls. C-Note’s words paint a vivid picture of her plight, a life sentence without the possibility of redemption, echoing the collective despair of many like her.

Chapter 3: The Stage of Injustice

The narrative takes a dramatic turn with Life Without The Possibility of Parole (a prison play) a theatrical piece inspired by the same themes. Through the interactions of its characters—women of different ages and backgrounds—the play explores the harsh realities of prison life, the lack of rehabilitative programs, and the crushing weight of a sentence that offers no second chances. It’s a powerful commentary on the criminal justice system and the restorative justice movement, honoring the legacy of Lorraine Hansberry and the voices of those who strive for change.

Epilogue: A Call to Action

As the story concludes, the audience is left to ponder the fate of K and her fellow inmates, their lives a testament to the need for compassion, understanding, and systemic reform. C-Note’s art and writings serve not only as a tribute to these women but as a catalyst for dialogue and action. Through his work, he challenges us to look beyond the canvas and the stage, to see the human faces of those living “Life Without The Possibility of Parole.”

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