Midnight at Alcatraz
5 in. x 7 in.
Wax on paper
2017 Exhibition
Art Escape at Alcatraz, CA, USA
prison Artist

In the haunting work Midnight at Alcatraz (2017), prisoner artist Donald “C-Note” Hooker evokes a powerful sense of history and longing. Created for the Art Escape at Alcatraz exhibition, the piece draws inspiration from the 1969-1971 Native American occupation of Alcatraz.

C-Note’s medium of choice, vibrant wax colors on paper, lends a unique depth and texture to the work. A dreamlike wash of blue creates a moonlit backdrop for the stark silhouette of Alcatraz Island, while the graceful figure of a Native American woman dominates the foreground. Even though her gaze rests elsewhere, she embodies the defiance and resilience of the Native American claim to Alcatraz, her contemplative presence contrasting with the island’s history.

Donald “C-Note” Hooker frequently explores themes of memory and resistance in his art. His choice of the wax medium adds a poignant layer of impermanence and fragility. Working within the confines of prison, C-Note uses his art to transcend his physical limitations and  connect with a wider history and world. 

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