Mprisond (Paintoem)
Prison Artist

The Paintoem, Mprisond gives a raw and poignant glimpse into the isolation and despair of incarceration, contrasted with the freedom symbolized by Rapunzel; while the Paintoem format itself, represents an innovative merging of artistic mediums with a desire to make art accessible for social justice purposes. 


Rapunzel could let down her hair

because someone cared

Letting down my hair

I wouldn’t dare

So all I do is stare

at the bliss

of all things I miss

Mother Nature’s wonders

Cause Father Time

wants his due

and the world ain’t got a clue

Here I stare alone

in my room

cell block


About the Paintoem

Poem by: C-Note

Painting by: C-Note

Mprisond is a sequel to the earlier artwork My Dilemma (2009). C-Note created this Paintoem specifically for the Escaping Time Prisoner Art Exhibit (Governor’s Island, New York, 2016), blending his stark visual art with a new poem.  

C-Note was asked by the exhibition’s curator if he could create poems to be placed inside the greeting cards of his artwork being sold. Mprisond was one the initial poems featuring this unforgettable opening stanza: “Rapunzel let down her hair / because someone cared.” Later, C-Note would recognize the need for literary works by prisons, as this was a notable feature of Prison art exhibitions. 

From this realization became the Paintoem, a work of art, and vignette poem, placed together, normally digital, as a single work. C-Note wanted these works to be copyright free for the public to freely use, such as grassroots activists, prison news publications, and curators of Prison art exhibitions.

A Gift to the Public:  In the spirit of collaboration, the Paintoem Mprisond (like all Paintoems), is offered freely to the public with the request that the artist or artists are acknowledged.

Note: Mprisond was sold at the Through the Wall art exhibit (Los Angeles, 2016), but prints and related products are available on Fine Art America.

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