12 in. x 9 in.
Graphite and wax on paper
prison Artist
California State University, San Bernardino
2016 Exhibition
Through the Wall: Prison Arts Collective, LA, CA, USA

Mprisond is in our famous works category, as a result of its inclusion in the groundbreaking Through the Wall: Prison Arts Collective exhibition, its inclusion in the accompanying book, and for being the first Paintoem.

C-Note’s evocative artwork, Mprisond, serves as a poignant sequel to My Dilemma. Both pieces masterfully employ contrasting light – a dark cell illuminated by a sliver of warmth – to symbolize the struggle between confinement and freedom.  Inspired by Renaissance aerial perspective, the work invites the viewer to confront their own internal prisons. “You don’t have to be imprisoned, to be imprisoned,” C-Note explains, encouraging a deeply personal connection. 

Mprisond holds historical significance. Donated to California State University, San Bernardino’s groundbreaking Through the Wall: Prison Arts Collective, it became a cornerstone of this first-in-the-nation exhibition showcasing art from both California men’s and women’s prisons. This exhibition had lasting impact, culminating in the published book, THROUGH THE WALL.

C-Note’s continued artistic exploration led to a breakthrough during his 2016 collaboration with the Escaping Time prisoner art exhibition on Governors Island, New York. Recognizing the power of combining visual art with the written word, he pioneered the “Paintoem” concept. This digital art form seamlessly blends evocative paintings with poignant poems, often inspired by the original artwork. C-Note’s commitment to accessibility is evident in his decision to license Paintoems under Creative Commons, empowering grassroots movements to amplify their message. Mprisond proudly holds the distinction of being the first-ever Paintoem, featuring this unforgettable opening stanza: “Rapunzel let down her hair / because someone cared.” 

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