Paula Picassa
Ink on paper
Prison Artist
9 in. x 12 in.
donated To:
Art for Redemption
2021 exhibition
Art For Redemption Interactive Mural, Denver, CO, USA
book cover
Art for Redemption Coffee Table Book

Paula Picassa is in our famous works category, as it refuses to be confined to a single medium. This remarkable artwork has transitioned seamlessly from its original ink-on-paper form to murals, digital publications, and even a company logo. Its adaptability highlights its broad appeal,  drawing  diverse audiences into conversation with prison art.

Paula Picassa boldly defies categorization.  Born as a simple ink drawing, this impactful artwork has exploded into a multi-faceted phenomenon. Originally created as a donation to Art for Redemption, Paula Picassa offers a modern reimagining of Picasso filtered through the lens of fashion and prison life. C-Note’s piece draws inspiration from makeup artist Kabuki’s “Picasso’s Women” editorial in Harper’s Bazaar reinterpreting Picasso’s iconic Bust of a Woman.

Art for Redemption empowers incarcerated artists, bridging their work with the outside world. Founded by ex-prisoner Buck Adams, the program fosters talent and financial responsibility, channeling art sales towards restitution payments, support costs, and reintegration savings.

As the official logo of Anna D. Smith Fine Art and Real Estate Broker, Paula Picassa embodies the idea that “Fine Art Needs a Home and a Home Needs Fine Art®.”  Paula Picassa is featured in “25 of Prison Art’s Most Beautiful Women,” and has been further immortalized in a mural, book cover, digital magazines, and online articles.

(2021) Denver, Colorado, Art for Redemption mural. The mural features C-Note’s 2021 work Paula Picassa.
(2021) Denver, Colorado, Art for Redemption mural, HIGHLIGHTED. The mural features C-Note’s 2021 work Paula Picassa, top left.
(2022) Art for Redemption’s Prison art coffee table book features C-Note’s 2021, “Paula Picassa” on its cover.

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